Harrington Family Cemetery, Richmond County, North Carolina, USA

Go south on US 1 out of Rockingham NC for about 5 1/2 miles, and turn right onto Osborne Road. At the end of this road is a stop sign; turn right and go about 2/10 mile. On the left is a well defined loggers' access road labeled "South Gate." There will probably be a gate over the trail. Park and follow this trail for about 3/4 mile. Traveling down this trail, there are two large oak trees to the left of the trail. The cemetery is below those two trees. There is a drive through the brush and trees leading off this trail into the cemetery.

1- Go south from Rockingham on US # 1. --you will cross over the #74 bypass of Rockingham & Hamlet
2- Continue for approximately one mile, turn right on paved road to Cordova, (I believe it is state rd #1108 but not certain of the number.
3- As you approach Cordova bear left and you will run into state road #1103
4- Bear left on state road #l103 and you will pass Diggs Chapel Church on your right
5- Continue past Diggs Chapel Church for about 3/4 or 1 mile, and on right will notice an unpaved road with a chain blocking entrance.
6-Park car here & walk about 3/4 mile down this unpaved road and two large poplar trees can be seen off to the left. The Harrington Cemetery is at the Poplar trees. R.C.McLean


Cemetery Photos

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Harriet Harrington (the younger) marker
Harriet Harrington (the younger) marker
The Body of Harriet Harrington Fifth Child and Third Daughter of Henry William & Rose Anna Harrington
Who departed this life the 2nd of October 1791 aged 3 years, 8 months & 9 days
Grim Tryant Death, Oh how couldest thou Destroy their parents Hope and Their Loved Kindred's Joy.
(a slate stone shaped and etched with an angel carved across the top)
Harriet Harrington marker
Harriet Harrington marker
Here lies the remains of Harriet Harrington Second child and Daughter of Henry William & Rose Anna Harrington. This little Innocent in Fleeing with her Fond Mother from the British Tyrants being Exposed to the inclemency of a fickle Season fell a Sacriface to the Cruelties of a vindictive Foe and Departed this life the 16th of September 1780. Aged 10 Months & 18 Days.
Henry William Harrington marker
Henry William Harrington marker
SACRED/ To the Memory of/ General Henry W. Harrington/ A native of the City of London and a /Distinguished officer in the American Army./
Who departed this life/ On the 21st of March 1809./ In the 62nd year of his age./ The whole circle of his acquaintance/ And especially his Compatriots in Arms/ Will drop the tear of Sympathy/ Over the grave of Departed Merit/ And Exclaim/ Here lies one/ Who united in himself/ The bold achievements/ Of the Statesman and Patriot/ With the mild virtues of Social Life/ The Kind Neighbor/ The Tender Husband And / The Fond Parent.
Henry William Harrington, 1st son, marker
Henry William Harrington, 1st son, marker
In Memory of Henry William Harrington Son of Henry Wm. and Rosa Anna Harrington. He Departed this life on the 23rd of March 1792 Aged 10 years and 9 Days (Stone carved by T. Walker)  
Henry William Harrington, 2nd son, marker
Henry William Harrington, 2nd son, marker
Henry William Harrington
Born July 5, 1793
Died March 2, 1868 
Michael Harrington marker
Michael Harrington marker
In Memory of Michael Harrington Son of Henry Wm. and Rosanna Harrington. He Departed this life on the 13th of January 1794 Aged 3 years one month and 8 days. (Stone carved by T. Walker)
Mrs. Rosanna Harrington marker
Mrs. Rosanna Harrington marker
Mrs. Rosanna Harrington was born Dec. 2, 1754 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Died a Commu____?___ of the Episcopal Church Oct. 13, 1828 in ___?___ She was for 33 years the loved consort of Gen. H.W. Harrington ...

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