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51 3 daughters Family: F107
52 5 children: 2 girls & 3 boys Family: F59
53 5 daughters & 3 sons Family: F143
54 7 children Family: F105
55 New Year's Eve Wedding
New Year's Eve will witness an interesting wedding at Taylorsville. Miss Hallie Viele, of Taylorsville, is to become the bride of Mr. Theo. Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Miller, of Middleboro, Mass. Mr. Miller is secretary and treasurer of the new mill at Taylorsville, in which Mr. Fred White and Mr. Henry Wilson are interested.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller are making the trip from New England to Taylorsville to attend the wedding, in their automobile. At present they are tarrying in Virginia for repairs to their car. They will reach here in time for the wedding. From here they will continue their trip as far South as Florida. They with their son, the prospective groom, were in Charlotte last winter and the winter before, stopping at the Selwyn. They were then a part of an auto-touring party.
The bride is one of the most highly esteemed and most attractive young women of Taylorsville. The wedding will be the leading social event of the week in Taylorsville.
(source: undated newspaper clipping from The Charlotte News -- leading article in the Society column)

Marriage at Taylorsville
Miss Veile and Mr. Miller Wed -- Personal and Other Items, Correspondence of The Landmark
Taylorsville, Jan. 3. -- Saturday, January 1st, at 4:30 p.m., a quiet wedding was solemnized at the residence of C. G. Veile, of Taylorsville, the contracting parties being Miss Hallie Veile, and Mr. Theodore Hathaway Miller, secretary and treasurer of the Taylorsville Cotton Mill Company. The only parties present were the father, mother and sister of the bride, and the father, mother, brother and cousin of the groom, together with Miss Lucy Thurston and Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Wilson, Mr. Wilson being superintendent and general manager of Taylorsville Cotton Mill. The officiating minister was Rev. E. D. Brown, of Loray. Immediately after the marriage ceremony was performed, the couple left for Charleston, S.C., and other points South, for their bridal tour.
(source: undated newspaper clipping, probably from The Statesville Landmark, now Statesville Record & Landmark) 
Family: F868
56 A. C. Short applied for the license "for the Marriage of the same of Surry County, aged 24 years, color white, the son of A. G. Short and Thelma Short, the father now living, the mother living, resident of Surry County, and M. L. Dick of Surry County aged 19 years, color white, daughter of Mary Jane Dick and [father's name blank, with "the father" scratched out], the mother living, resident of Surry County." The minister's return was completed by W. R. Bray, JP, stating that he "united in Matrimony A. C. Short and Victory Dick, the parties licensed above, on the 27th day of Dec. 1879, at my office in Mt. Airy in Surry County NC."
Family: F1586
57 A. L. Sparger, J.P., applied for the marriage license for "Earnest S. Hatcher of Surry County, aged 25 years, color white, the son of Thomas Hatcher and W. Hatcher, the father now living, the mother now living, resident of Surry Co., and Chattie E. Dick of Surry Co., aged 21 years, color white, daughter of __ and __ " (rest of form is blank except for signature of the Register of Deeds. The minister's return, filled out by A. L. Sparger, is dated 1 July 1897, and says that the couple were married at Hamburg in Hamburg Township. Witnesses were David Hall of Mt. Airy, Will Dick of Hamburg, and George C. [?} of Hamburg. Family: F1594
58 According to a family source, Richard was the local miller at Pontdolgoch village near Llanwnog.

The family below appears to be the right family, from the Llanidloes parish of Llanidloes, 1851 census.
Columns are: no. of household ___; name of street/place/road, & name/no. of house; name & surname of each person in the house on night of 30 March 1851; relation to head of family; condition; age (different columns for genders); rank, profession, or occupation; where born (county & town); blind or deaf/dumb (not marked for these individuals).
Household #39.
Green Cottage.
Richard Benbow Jun, Head, U, 20, Carrier, Montgomeryshire Aberhafesp.
Do [ditto] Richard Do Sen., Father, Mar, 46, Miller, Do Do.
Elizabeth Do, Mar [married], 47, Do Wife, Do Newtown.
Ann Do, Sister, Un, 10, Scholar, Do Llanllwchaiarn.
Edward Do, Brother, 7, Scholar, Do Llanwnog.
Charles Do, Do, 5, Do, Do Do.

The gap between the son Richard and the daughter Ann is large enough that it is possible that Elizabeth was Richard's second wife, and that the son Richard was born to a previous wife who died. This needs to be researched.

The 1871 census records show this household in the parish, municipal borough, and town of Llanidloes, household 72, "the Warf":
Richard Benbow, head, widr, 66, furnaceman, Do [for Montgomeryshire] Aberhafesp
Charles Do, son, unm, 26, bricklayer, Do Llanwnog 
Family: F1726
59 According to a letter written by Susan Starbuck, wife of Charles Rufus Benbow:
"Phebe married a Leverton lived in cincinnati the last we heard from her she had a family of children but I dont know anything about them I ask uncle Andrew the last time he was at our house if he knew anything of them and he did not" 
Family: F1768
60 According to a letter written by Susan Starbuck, wife of Charles Rufus Benbow:
"Rhoda married Aaron Elliott and died" 
Family: F1771
61 According to a letter written by Susan Starbuck, wife of Charles Rufus Benbow:
"Telitha she married William Speck lived in Columba SC untill after the wear and then she moved to Baltimore and died thare. she had two children Frank and Mary her son was a Doctor and I have forgotten who Mary married" 
Family: F1767
62 According to a letter written in 1850 by her brother John W. Heath, she had three children when she died. Family: F1629
63 According to one directory, Steve Benbow married Sandra Estelle Benbow on 10 Feb 1976. There are two questions: (1) was this the first wife or the second, whose name is Sandie, and (2) was Benbow her maiden name, or did they use her married name in the directory? Family: F809
64 After she and Morton Benbow were divorced, Helen appears in the 1910 federal census for Minneapolis Ward 2, Hennepin County, Minnesota:
Benbow, Helen L., head of household, female, age 31, divorced, has had two children, both of who are still living; born in Iowa, father born in Iowa, mother born in Indiana; working as private dressmaker.
Morton C., son, male, age 8, single, born in Washington, father born in Washington, mother born in Iowa
Sylva E., daughter, female, age 4, single, born in Minnesota, father born in Washington, mother born in Iowa
(Lodgers are also listed in the household.)

I am having difficulty finding this family in the 1920 census. Helen may have died or remarried, and the son and daughter may be living with relatives or friends, and the son may be living independently. 
Family: F802
65 After their marriage, they moved to Western Avenue, Nantwich, Cheshire. They had one son and one daughter. Family: F688
66 Alexander and Desire had these children born at Marshfield:
Desire, 5 May 1689
Thomas, 29 Jan 1690
Ichabod, 10 Jun 1693 
Family: F2140
67 all three daughters were adopted Family: F959
68 Alonzo and family were living in Jackson, Boone County, Indiana, during the 1885 state census of Iowa (Roll: IA1885_151, Line: 14, Family Number: 210).

In 1905, the family was living in Goodell, Iowa, and was included in the Iowa state census for Avery township in Hancock County. Listed were: A. L. Benbo, W. B. Benbo, Norman Benbo, Eva Benbo, Mary Benbo, Harley Benbo, and Margrett Benbo.
Family: F1452
69 Although William Bradford stated that John and Priscilla had eleven children, researchers only know about ten children. Perhaps one died in early childhood or somehow escaped being recorded in public records. Family: F973
70 Amherst County VA, marriage record:
Wright, Maurice, and Molly Lawless, September 29, 1797. William Lawless surety. Consent of her father, Richard Lawless. Certificate of marriage by the
Rev. Charles Crawford. 
Family: F2361
71 ancestors of Anita Freeman Family: F2163
72 ancestors of William A. Benbow, author of "Brave Benbow" Family: F481
73 Ann Maultsby is shown in a deed dated 20 December 1766, where Jos. Clarke sold to Ann Maultsby, for 39 lbs., 8 shillings, 6 pence proc. money ... a negro wench; witness was a John Maultsby. This contract was assigned to Ezekiel Davis and witnessed by William Davis. Entered August Term 1789 by John White, C.C. (Bladen County, NC, Deed Book 1, page 547)

Ann Maultsby is shown as a head of household in the Bladen County Tax Lists of 1769, with two whites, 1 negro man, 2 negro women, for a total of five taxable individuals. Ann appears again in 1770, as head of household with Jas. Maultsby and Samuel Maultsby (presumably her sons), one negro man slave, and two female slaves. Ann is still head of household in 1771, with John Maultsby, James Maultsby, and a Samuel Roots listed as white taxables, and also one male slave and two negro women. She is listed again in 1772, with sons John and James, and Samuel Roots. Samuel is probably a son of William Maultsby's sister Hannah, who married Roger Roots.

In the 1774 tax list, there is a separate household under the name of William Maultsby (presumably Ann's son William) with two white taxables. Ann still appears in 1774 as a head of household, wtih one white taxable, two black men, and two black women.

There is, in North Carolina Bible Records, Volume 1, page 48, a record of an Elizabeth Maultsby, daughter of William, born 2 October 1768 in Bladen County, NC. The record is part of records of the Manly family. Elizabeth is said to have married Basil Manly, son of Thomas and Mary; he was born 8 June 1742 in St. Mary's County, Maryland. This couple apparently had a son named Basil, who was born in 1798 in Chatham County. Elizabeth died 12 June 1855 in Richmond County, NC. 
Family: F789
74 Ann was one of Evan's slaves, and they were never married, but she is said to have had five children by him. Any straight-male-line descendants of Evan through this relationship should have the Benbow Y-DNA. Family: F1045
75 Another child may have been born around 1859-1860, and died in infancy, but the name and sex and other information is not known. Family: F209

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