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126 He was described as a blacksmith at the time of the marriage. Family: F548
127 Henry Madison, Charlotte County, Virginia, Will Book 14, pp. 405-406, written April 25, 1861, proved June 7, 1867:

I, Henry Madison of Charlotte County, do make this my last Will as follows, to wit: After payment of my debts I dispose of my property as follows: I loan to my wife Mary Madison one third part of my Estate during her natural life and then to revert back to my Estate. I give to my daughter Sarah E. Scott one third part of my Estate she is to account for advancements already made to her which said property now given is to be used and enjoyed by my said daughter during her life and she is at liberty to make such disposition of it as she may think proper either by will or by any other writing properly executed. I give to my son James H. Madison one third part of my estate he to account for advancements already made to him. The other third part of my Estate I give to my daughter Clara G. Snell and her sons Henry and Beverly White to be divided between them as follows. One third part of said third to Henry and Beverly White jointly and the other two thirds to my daughter Clara G. Snell, that part given to Clara G. Snell is given to her during her life and at her death is to go to the children of her present marriage, in dividing between Clara G. Snell and her sons Henry & Beverly White I mean that the property which she may hereafter receive from my estate only is to be divided between them. I give to my daughter Clara G. Snell the tract of land on which she now resides which I purchased of the estate of Edward O. Almond which she is to hold and enjoy during her life and at her death is to go to the children of her present marriage. Also four negroes, Clem, Farthina, Hayes, and Amanda, which are for her use during her life and then to the children of her present marriage. My said daughter is to be charged with all advancements made to her. The above named land and four last named negroes are not to be estimated in the division between my daughter Clara G. and her two sons Henry & Beverly White meaning as above stated for them to have a part of what is hereinafter to come from my estate. My tract of land on which I reside may be disposed of by my Executors subject to the right of my wife as in their judgment may be deemed judicious. In the provisions made for my wife in the first part of this my will I mean to give the full benefit of all that the law would give her and direct my Executors to settle with her according to the provisions of the law. I do hereby appoint James H. Madison and Beverly S. Scott Executors to this my Will and request the Court not to require security of them. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 25th day of April 1861.
Henry Madison (seal), signed and acknowledged in presence of Tho. Pugh, J. A. Andrews, Nathan B. Harvey

Codicil to this my will: The bequest in this my will made to Henry & Beverly White is hereby revoked and what they were to get is now given to their mother Clara G. Snell which makes her an equal legatee in my estate; I now give to Henry White one sixth part of my present estate both real and personal after the payment of my debts and the expenses of winding up my Estate and the rights of my wife in my property. Witness my hand and seal this 9th day of November 1866.
Henry Madison (seal), signed and acknowledged in our presence, Nathan B.
Harvey & Tho. Pugh

At a court held for Charlotte County, June 7, 1867:
The foregoing last will and testament of Henry Madison, dec'd with a codicil annexed was this day produced in Court by James H. Madison and Beverly S. Scott, the Executors therein named, and the same was proved by the oaths of Thos. Pugh and Nathan B. Harvey, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of the said James H. Madison and Beverly S. Scott, who took the oath of office and entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $2500 without security (the will directing that none should be requested), conditioned according to law a certificate is granted the said James H. Madison and Beverly S. Scott, for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form - five dollars internal revenue stamps attached. Teste: Wm. A. Smith, C. 
Family: F975
128 Henry William Harrington (his name has also been given as William Henry Harrington), of South Carolina, moved to Anson County, North Carolina, in 1776. He was a man of great wealth and is described as "a planter of immense estates and baronical style of living" ("Biographical History of North Carolina," Ashe, Volume IV; "History of Old Cheraw," Gregg).

He became Brigadier General of the Revolutionary forces. His home place, in Richmond County, was widely known as "Beausejour."

It is very probable that he gave Rosanna and Robert the "fine house" where they lived. It was known as "Montcalm". It was probably built about 1801. It was later known as the Leak Place.

William Henry Harrington died at his seat in Richmond County, in the 62nd year of his age. The newspaper notice stated that he was "an active and useful officer, and acquired honor in the Revolution" (Raleigh Register 13 April 1809).
His wife, Mrs. Rosanna Harrington, died at her residence in Wadesboro on the 13th of October 1828 (Raleigh NC Star 30 Oct 1828 notice).

This source will be of interest to descendants:,Henry_William.html

Rosanna Harrington, Anson County NC Will Book A, p. 164
Dated: 21 January 1828, Probated: January 1829
Sisters: Mrs. Mary Blakeney; Elizabeth Auld
Niece: Mrs. Sarah Bogh
Daughter Caroline H. Chambers, wife of Otho Chambers
Daughters: Ross. A. Troy; Harriet H. Strong
Granddaughter Mrs. Harriet H. Chamber, wife of Thomas Chambers, Esq.
Granddaughter Mrs. Ann P. (or C.?) Hall, wife of William W. Hall, Esq.
Granddaughter Mrs. Rosanna Lance (or Lanier) wife of John G. Lance (or Lanier)
Son James A. Harrington and his daughter Charlotte H. Powe, wife of Thomas Powe
Son Henry W. Harrington
Family: F1367
129 His surname is spelled as Bembo or Binbo in the town records.

Jack served in the American Revolution, as a private from Massachusetts:
"List of men who received bounty from the town of Bellingham for [en?]listing in the Continental Army, agreeable to resolve of June 12, 1778."

birth information:
Jack Bembo
Birth Date: 1750
Birthplace: Massachusetts,
Volume: 12, Page Number: 206
Biographical Info: priv.
Reference: soldiers and sailors of the Rev. War. Comp. By secy. Of the commonwealth, Ms. Boston. 1896-1908. (17v.):1:922

death information:
Original data: Town and City Clerks of Massachusetts.  Massachusetts Vital and Town Records. Provo, UT: Holbrook Research Institute (Jay and Delene Holbrook).

Did they have a daughter or granddaughter named Pegge, who died 13 March 1825 in Bellingham?

Jack and his wife and son were of African heritage, according to the records (listed as negro). 
Family: F2385
130 Family: F1944
131 Family: F1851
132 Family: F1847
133 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F688
134 I have been contacted at times by people wanting to know if a Charles Clayton of this area was a son of John Benoni Clayton and Elizabeth Benbow. They reason that the first name of Charles may be a reflection of Elizabeth's father's name. I have an open mind about this, but I have not seen anything in the Quaker records or other records to indicate that there is a relationship between Charles Clayton and John Benoni Clayton and his wife Elizabeth Benbow. Family: F8
135 I'm not yet able to find this family in the 1860 census.

In the 1870 federal census of Indian Village Township, Tama County, Iowa:
John Gadbury, age 39, personal estate value of $300, farm laborer, born in OH.
Minerva, age 35, born in OH.
William H., age 14, born in OH.
Laura L., age 13, born in OH.
Frank A., age 10, born in OH.
Ella J., age 8, born in OH.
Emily C., age 4, born in IL.
John R., age 1, born in IA.

In the 1880 federal census of Tama, Tama County, Iowa, district 335 (surname spelled Gadberry):
John, age 49, foreman on RR, born OH, father born VA, mother born MD.
Minerva, age 45, wife, keeping house, born OH, father born VA, mother born MA.
Hamer, age 24, son, "rtt. gwan," born OH.
Laura, age 22, daughter, dress maker, born OH.
Frank, age 20, son, laborer, born OH.
Ella, age 18, daughter, keeping house, born OH.
Emma, age 13, daughter, at school, born IL.
John, age 11, son, at school, born IA.
Ida, age 8, daughter, born IA.
Iven, age 5, son, born IA. 
Family: F919
136 In 1891, he is living in Pontypridd, Glamorganshire, and working at a colliery. His brother Ephraim is living with him, and also working at the colliery. William's wife's age appears to be 46, whereas his age is 33. Is that correct or an error? Family: F2128
137 In 1922, Flake Steele moved to Winston-Salem to manage the Pine Hall Brick and Pipe Company, while the three other brothers continued to guide the Steele organization. During the period between 1926 and 1932, J.C. Steele & Sons became recognized as one of the four or five most important United States manufacturers of clay working machinery. For the most part, Steele equipment was considered simpler, cheaper and less sophisticated than that which was being manufactured by its competitors. The company also began to do business with brick manufacturers in Canada and Mexico.

With the depression lifting and the country preparing for war in the years 1932 through 1946, the company was doing well but its leadership was aging. The three brothers were joined by J.C. Steele Jr. (son of Henry Oscar Steele) in 1935 and by Preston Steele Jr. in 1936.

However, the war years brought many changes to the Steele organization. Both J.C. Steele Jr. and Preston were called to active duty and, with the deaths of Clarence and Henry Steele, only Alexis Steele remained. He headed the business throughout the war years and remained at its head, at least nominally, until his death in 1959.

After the war, both J.C. Steele Jr. and Preston returned to the company and were soon joined by cousins Clarence N. Steele and Montgomery Steele. The business was incorporated in 1946 and all five Steeles were made officers of the corporation and comprised the management group.

Family: F1899
138 In the 1841 census, this family appears in Bow Brickhill of Buckinghamshire:
John Benbow, age 30, carpenter; Comfort, age 30; George, age 10; Elizabeth, age 8; William, 2. All were born in Buckinghamshire.

In the 1851 census, the family is living in Bow Brickhill. All were born in Bow Brickhill, Buckinghamshire:
John Benbow, head, Mar (married), 43, carpenter; Comfort, wife, Mar, 44, carpenter's wife; George, son, U (unmarried), 18 [19?], labourer; Elizabeth, daur, U, 16, straw platter; William, son, 12, scholar; Mary A., daur, 3, scholar.

In the 1861 census, the family is living at Bow Brickhill. In this census, all were born in Bow Brickhill except Comfort, who is listed as being born in Wavendon. The household contains John, head, Mar., 52, journeyman carpenter; Comfort, wife, Mar, 54, pillow lace maker; William, son, Un, 21, railway laborer; Mary Ann, daur, 13, straw plaiter. Son George and his wife are next-door.

In the 1871 census, the family is living at Bow Brickhill:
John Benbow, head, mar, 62, carpenter & joiner, (born) Bow Brickhill; Comfort, wife, mar, 66, lace maker, Wavendon; Mary Ann, daur, unm, 28, straw plaiter, Bow Brickhill. The last column for disabilities contains a note for Mary Ann that looks like "consumption."

John died before the 1881 census, as Comfort appears in her son George's household that year, listed as a widow, age 76, lace maker, born in Warendon, Buckinghamshire. 
Family: F2130
139 In the 1850 census of Union Township, Ross County, Ohio:
William S. Gadbury, age 52, farmer, $2000 real estate, born in VA.
Eleanor, age 52, born in PA.
John, age 18, laborer, born in OH.
Eleanor, age 16, born in OH. 
Family: F920
140 In the 1885 state census for Iowa, at an address of 6th & McClelland in Tama, Tama County:
William H. Gadbury, age 29, groceryman
Lotta, age 25, keeping house
George, age 3

In the 1892 state census for Iowa, in Tama, Tama County, under surname Gadbury (family listings are all grouped by surnames):
W. H., age 36
Mrs. L. E., age 31
George, age 11
Lena, age 5
J. A., age 3
F. A., age 32
Mrs. C. M., age 32
Merle, age 7
Pertha, age 4
John, age 62
Mrs. M., age 57
Ida, age 20
Emma, age 24
Eve R., age 17

In the 1900 federal census for Tama township, Tama County, Iowa:
Hamer Gadbury, head of household, born Dec 1855, age 45, married 20 years, born in Ohio, parents both born in Ohio, car checker for railroad.
Lottie E., wife, born June 1862, age 38, married 20 years, 3 children born, 3 living, born in Iowa, father born in England, mother born in Canada (Eng).
George G., son, born June 1881, age 19, born in Iowa; car checker for railroad.
Lina G., daughter, born June 1887, age 13 [12], born in Iowa.
Joseph, son, born Sept. 1889, age 10, born in Iowa. 
Family: F915
141 In the 1891 census, William (65) is listed as a retired gamekeeper, his wife Esther (57) is in the home, son Joseph (27) is listed as a gardener, Joseph's wife Jasse (30) is in the home, daughter Alice (17) was a pupil teacher, son Fredrick (15) was a grocer's assistant, and Fergus (11) was a scholar. William's grandson William J. was age 1.

In the 1881 census, living at The Dock in West Firle, William (53) is listed as a warrener on estate, wife Esther (46) is in the home, William J. (21) is a blacksmith, Andrew (13) is a post boy, and Matthew (10), Alice (7), and Fredrick (5) are scholars. Fergus is age 1.

In the 1871 census of West Firle, William (43) is a warrener, Esther (36) is in the home and is listed as being born in Worcester instead of Cheltenham, William James (11), Esther (10), Elizabeth (9), Joseph (7), Edwin (4), and Andrew (3) are scholars, and Matthew is 8 months old.

In the 1861 census of Alveley, William (35) is a gamekeeper, and the household includes wife Esther (25), William James (1), and Esther (1 mo). 
Family: F2125
142 In the 1900 census, Emma stated that she had given birth to 5 children, but only 3 were living. The Elpha who might have been Orpha's twin may be one of them. The other one is unknown. Family: F252
143 In the 1900 census, Ilsey states that she has given birth to eight children, and seven of those are still living at that time. Family: F2319
144 In the 1900 census, Sarah stated that she had given birth to 11 children, 9 of whom were still living. In the 1910 census, Sarah stated that she had given birth to 12 children, 10 of whom were still living. Therefore, there were two children who were born between 1880-1900 who did not survive until 1900. Family: F186
145 In the 1901 census of Abbotsbury, Dorset, Joseph is listed as a "head gardener (not domestic)." Family: F2124
146 In the 1910 census for Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa, Ward 4:
T. G. Gadbury, head of household, age 28, first marriage, married 8 years, born in Iowa, both parents born in Iowa; working as a yardmaster for the railroad.
Myrtle, wife, age 26, first marriage, married 8 years, born in Iowa, both parents born in Iowa.
Allen, son, age 7, born in Iowa.
Lowell, son, age 5, born in Iowa.
Carl, son, age 4, born in Iowa.

In the 1920 census for Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa, Ward 8:
Myrtle I. Gadbury, head of household, age 36, divorced, born in Iowa; father born in PA & mother born in OH; she was working as a saleswoman in a clothing store.
Allen E., son, age 17, born in Iowa; working as a cutter in a shoe factory.
Lowell L., son, age 15, born in Iowa.
Carl L., son, age 15, born in Iowa.
Lina M., daughter, age 8, born in Iowa.
(the children's father's place of birth is given as Iowa)
They also have a lodger named Horace D. Murfin. 
Family: F910
147 In the 1930 census for Calumet township, Gary, Lake County, Indiana, this family was listed thus:

Lowell Gadbury, age 25, born Iowa, parents both born in England
Frances H. (wife), age 21, born in Illinois, parents both born in Illinois
Beverly J. (dau), age 2 & 3/12, born in Indiana

They state they were married at ages 21 and 18, respectively.

They are living next door to the family of Tony Cialkowski, age 39, born in Poland. Tony's wife Lottie, age 30, was born in Poland. He immigrated in 1908, and she immigrated in 1913. 
Family: F909
148 In the Name of God almighty amen. September ye 16th 1793 I John Forbis of the County of Gilford And State of North Carolina Waggon maker Being very sick and weak in Bodey but of perfect mind and mimmory thanks be given unto God: therefore Calling unto Mind the mortality of my Bodey and knowing that it is apointed for all men once to Die, Do make and ordain this my Last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and Recomend my Soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it and my Body I Recomend to the Earth to Be Buryed in a Decent Christien manner at the Descretion of my Executors Nothing Doubting But at the general Resurrection I shall receive the same again By the Mightly power of God and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me with in this Life I give Devis and Dispose of the same in the following manner and form

Imprimis I give and Bequeth to Mary my Dearly Beloved wife the sole management of the plantation and smtih tools and a hors at hir Choice and in Equal Shear of all the stock and Likewise a Bed and Beding and an Equal Devide of the household fornutor Dureing hir widowhood and at the Expiration of hir time the Smith tools is to Be Devided Betwixt my four sons Jeremy William Eli and Jessey Forbis and the household goods to Be Devided Eaquely Betwixt my four Daughters Liddy Rebecky Poley and Ann Forbis

Item I give to my well Beloved son Hugh Forbis one hundred acres of Land lying along side of his own Land on the Buffelow waters [may be mssing a line of writing]

Item I give to Beloved sons Jeremy Forbis and William Forbis the trac of Land on which i formerly Lived to Be Devided Equaly Betwixt them
Item I give to my Beloved Sons Eli Forbis and Jesse Forbis the tract of Land where on I now Live to Be Devided Equaly Betwixt them By a North and South Line and Eli to have the Est End and Jesse to have the West End
Item I give each one of my four sons Jeremy William Eli and Jessy Forbis a hors
Item I give to my Daughter Rebeckah two Cows and Calves and two Sheep and all the Remaining part of my stock to be Devided Equaly Betwixt my Eight Children Jeremy William Eli Jessy Lidey Rebeckah Poley and Ann Forbis
Item I give to my two Daughters Poley and Ann Forbis two hundred and seventy five Acres of Land joining Hugh Forbis his Land and Equaly to Be Devided Betwixt them

I do Constitute and ordain Hugh Forbis Jeremy Forbis and William Forbis to Be my Executrix of this my Last will and testament in witteness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Day and year above written
John Forbis (seal)
Signed and Seald by the Said John Forbis
as his Last will and testament
in the presants of us the Subscribers
Daniel Manin
Hugh Wiley

State of North Carolina, Guilford County, May Court 1806
Hugh Wily proved the Executor of the within Will in open court and on motion ordered to be recorded thus came in Hugh Forbush Jeremiah Forbush & Wm. Forbush & qualified as Exr.
Test. John Hamilton Clk. 
Family: F2024
149 Ingeschreven (registered) den 16 Sept.
Theunis Bogaert, Wedr Van Sarah Rapaille, en Geertie Jans, Wede Dirck Dye, d'Eerste wonende in de Walebocht, en twede alhier.
Getrouwt (married) den 11 Nov. (1687)
(Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York, Marriages from 11 December 1639 to 26 August 1801, by Samuel S. Purple, M.D., New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 1890 publication reprinted by Heritage Books 2003, p. 63) 
Family: F1858
150 Is this the John Benbow - Mary Groves marriage in 1803 at Worcester, or the John Benbow - Mary Green marriage in 1804 at Bayton? Family: F550

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